Keto vs. Paleo: What’s the Difference?

keto diet

You have most likely heard all about the keto and the paleo diet. These diets are similar and can both help you to lose weight.

There are several key differences between these diets.

Knowing the differences between these diets will help you to decide on which diet you should choose.

Remember to take your time and do your research on both sides to see what you will need to start these diets.

Both diets will require lots of protein, and you should be lowering your exposure to processed foods.

What is the Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet is also known as the caveman diet. This diet promotes the diet of early humans.

It is thought that if you take your eating style and mimic that of hunters and gatherers, it will improve your health and digestion.
The paleo diet eliminates sugars and any dairy products.

Basically, you would eat like a caveman, eating meats and what you would gather. This diet does not encourage people to eat fats.

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet encourages ketosis in the body. This makes the body burn fat instead of carbs.

The keto diet includes eating a lot of healthy fats while avoiding grains and other carbohydrates.
Sugar is also banned from the keto diet.

This diet, however, does allow for the consumption of dairy products.

How They Are Similar

Keto and paleo diets are similar in some ways. They both emphasize the need for eating whole foods and avoiding heavily processed foods.
They also both encourage the elimination of any kind of legumes.

How Are They Different

The main difference between keto and paleo is that the paleo diet does not fully eliminate carbs.

The paleo diet also does not encourage the eating of good healthy fats.
While it does encourage the eating of protein, it is generally not recommended that people eat fats while consuming this diet.

The keto diet encourages people to eat healthy fats to encourage the body to burn it.

The Paleo diet also does not worry about the keto level. Getting the keto levels up is how you will lose weight quickly.

If you are interested in the keto diet or the paleo diet, you should do your research to figure out which will be best for you.

This will depend on your weight loss goals, how fast you want to lose weight, and your personal choices.
For some people, the paleo diet works well, while others see more success with the keto diet.

Take your time to figure out which diet plan will work for you.

Every restaurant you go to is going to have some meat dish or fish. Pick one that has the protein as a main course.

When it comes to the side, swap it out for one that is keto-friendly. For example, swap out potatoes for broccoli or soup for salad.

If you know what restaurant you’ are going to before you go out, go online and take a look at the menu so you have a good idea of what you may be able to order.

2. Get Low-Carb Veggies

ketoIt might be easy to think that you can get a broad variety of veggies and still be keto-friendly.

However, many of these vegetables are loaded with too many carbs. Avoid carrots, corn, and sweet potatoes.

Order things like broccoli, asparagus, or sautéed spinach. Keep your vegetables minimal and get more protein instead.

3. Go Simple

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the menu, just make sure that you order items that have five or fewer ingredients.

Eat small portions and try to count the calories that you are eating.

Pay attention to eating healthy fats and lowering your carb intake.

4. Do Not Overthink It

One of the worst things you can do is overthinking when you go out to eat.

This can make you not want ever to come out again. Just follow the role that you need high fat and low carb, and you will be fine.

5. Talk to the waiter

Another thing that you can do to ensure that you are following the keto diet is to make sure that you talk to the waiter.

He or she may know what items on the menu are keto-friendly. T

here are many restaurants at this time that are offering keto-friendly and low-calorie type meals.

Doing the things listed above will help you have a good dining experience while on the keto diet.

Just remember to maintain your low carbs and to eat healthy fats and protein.

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